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You serve our country with pride, and we would like to help you ensure your log books reflect that. Send us 2-4 individual log books (3 works the best), and we'll produce a handsome, hardcover binding in your choice of cover material. Pricing includes an expedited turnaround, ensuring we will have your book ready for you to continue logging hours in just 5-7 business days (plus shipping time). Your original covers will be returned to you with your completed binding.

Genuine Leather - $80
Bonded Leather - $55
Buckram - $45

Additional charges:

Reordering of log book pages: $15 (not available by mail)

4th book surcharge: $10

We provide wings pin (Aviator, NFO, Air Crew): $9

PLEASE NOTE: Log books of slightly different height sizes, as well as those that have sticker insert sheets, can still be bound together, but the binding performs the best when all log books have a uniform height and do not have the sticker pages. [Differing sizes and stickers mounted onto pages affects our ability to shave the edges of the books to create clean and even edges.] If you prefer not to have your aviator wings pin mounted but do want the aviator wings imprinted on the cover, please indicate "Imprint Wings" on your order form. [This option is only available for the aviator wings, not the NFO or air crew wings.]

Reordering of book pages. Standard procedure is to remove the original covers and bind the log books as they are. Page reordering is possible upon inspection of the books to ensure the process will not compromise the strength of the binding. Please note there is a $10 reordering charge.

We now stock the aviator and NFO wings pin. If you want the pin mounted, you can ship your own or indicate we should supply it. If we supply the wings, a charge of $8.50 will be added.

Standard Imprint Format is as Follows (custom imprinting is available, but extra typesets charges may apply):


Log Book

[First Initial] [Middle Initial] [Last Name]

SSN if desired

(wings pin here)

First name, middle initial, last name

Military Branch

Placing an Order:
Please complete our order form (see links to the right) and mail it along with your log books. If your squadron is paying for multiple orders, please use the squadron order form, which will save you time in completing the necessary information.

Long's-Roullet Bookbinders
Attn: Karen
2800 Monticello Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23504

Payment is due prior to shipment of your order. Shipping is calculated upon completion/packing of the order, and is based on final weight and destination zip code. To estimate your shipping costs or see the number of days for ground transit, please use the UPS system. Note that rates to businesses are cheaper than those to residences. We will ship by an alternate shipper (FedEx, USPS) if necessary.

It is most convenient if you provide a Visa or Mastercard that can be billed at the time the order is ready to ship. However, if you prefer we will call you with a total, at which time you can provide the information over the phone, or mail us a check.



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